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Meta is Testing New Monetisation Tools

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Make money on the Metaverse with Horizon Worlds 

This Monday, Meta, the company behind the upcoming Horizon Worlds Metaverse platform, announced a selection of new tools to support the monetisation of user-created content.

The firm is only testing its tools with limited US developers currently, although Meta is slowly rolling out the tools to more developers.

The Menlo Park-based firm is testing its monetisation tools and refining them based on user feedback. Meta is testing its tools as part of a long-term vision for Horizon Worlds as a place where users can earn a living. Metas new tools enable Horizon developers to sell or buy digital goods, services, and immersive experiences.

In addition, Meta is debuting the Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program for US developers. Chosen immersive developers will receive monetary bonuses based on a goal-oriented monthly task.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Co-Founder and CEO of Meta, added:

“We are setting up some funds to help, compensate, and reward some of the people doing awesome work here, on Horizon.”

Creating on Horizon

At the moment, the firm is introducing tools that enable Horizon World users to purchase digital goods. Also, Meta uses avatar accessories to illustrate how digital commerce can take place on the Metaverse.

Additionally, developers use a commerce tab and gizmo tool to sell assets in Horizon Worlds and design a pop-up space for users to purchase virtual goods. Also, developers using the monetisation tools must be 18 years old.

Last year, Meta debuted Horizon Worlds for users in the US and Canada over 18 years of age. The Metaverse platform is currently in its Beta stage but already contains a large selection of user-created virtual worlds.

Meta also provides Quest 2 users with ‘Horizon Workrooms,’ an immersive collaboration platform for enterprise-grade remote work. Currently, Workrooms is in beta, although Meta is updating the platform with a selection of new features such as new virtual office spaces, customisable options, and new collaboration tools.


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