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H&M opens its first store in the metaverse

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H&M announced the opening of a virtual store in CEEK City and became the first retail clothing store in the metaverse.

While big brands such as Adidas, Nike and Zara started to take their place in the metaverse early, H&M, the world-famous clothing brand based in Sweden, announced that it will offer its customers a three-dimensional shopping experience in its virtual store in the metaverse. Customers will be able to walk through the store, choose the product they want and purchase in the CEEK City universe, a three-dimensional digital world just like in the physical world. While the payment for these clothes, which can only be worn in the digital environment, is made through CEEK, customers will also have the opportunity to order these clothes from H&M’s physical stores later with CEEK coin.

H&M is the first retail clothing store in the metaverse

H&M became the first retail clothing store in the metaverse with this step. CEEK VR shared the following on H&M’s store opening in CEEK City on its official Twitter account; “Shopping in the metaverse with $CEEK Concept VR store presented to H&M by CEEK creates mainstream use cases for $CEEK + scaling Virtualreality beyond games”.

Welcome to CEEK City!

CEEK, a metaverse coin project, connects artists, athletes and other digital content creators directly with their fans in virtual worlds. CEEK’s NFT Marketplace will enable real ownership of digital items that will pass through multiple digital reality environments in the metaverse based on Ethereum, a technology that hosts digital currency, global payments and applications.

CEEK currently offers a range of immersive VR experiences within CEEK City, including a theatre, concert arena, sports complex, hangout lounge and more. End-users will be able to use CEEK Token to make purchases, vote for content, control programming and much more after token launch. CEEK VR, in partnership with Universal Music, can realize live performances of world-famous artists such as Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Ziggy Marley and many more to take place on this platform.

CEEK’s NFT Platform is designed with a REST API on Devv.io to enable that the platform expends uses 1/1,000,000th the energy usage & CO2 output of Bitcoin. Devv.io also provides significant cost savings at 1/1,000,000th of the cost of Ethereum.


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