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Will the Metaverse end Privacy?

by admin

I was recently interviewed about the metaverse by More Perfect Union, a wonderful non-profit that fights for justice among working people. The topic we covered was how large corporations could use the metaverse to exploit consumers and manipulate public opinion.

The discussion (see video below ) covered how the metaverse will enable tech platforms to track all aspects of our lives, from where we go and who we’re with, to what direction we look and how long our gaze lingers. They will also track our facial expressions and our vocal inflections and our vital signs.

I know this sounds extreme, but it is already happening — companies are already developing earbuds that track your blood pressure and heart rate. Other companies are using cameras to track vital signs from afar. And they all intend to feed this information to advertisers in real time.

Clearly, we need regulation to protect consumers.

So please, watch the video below — it describes the emerging dangers and makes the case for sensible regulation of metaverse platforms:

For more information about regulation of the metaverse, you can also check out this recently published academic paper.



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