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The Rise of the Chief Metaverse Officer 

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As more and more companies join the Metaverse, we should see the rise of a new role, the CMTO – Chief Metaverse Officer.

We are still debating what the Metaverse actually is. But this has not stopped several companies from starting to experiment within these new digital environments.

We are still a few years away from the mass adoption of the major Metaverse platforms, but the possible gains of those who take a stand first have drawn the attention of several brands and professionals.

More and More Companies are Hiring for the Metaverse

In recent months, several companies from different sectors have opened positions focused on the Metaverse.

This doesn’t mean that the roles have the word “Metaverse” in the description, but some of them are directly related to “avatars” or technologies like VR and AR, elements that serve as the basis for the Metaverse.

Some of these companies include: Nike, Disney, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, KPMG and many others.

In other cases, the job is directly related to the Metaverse, as in a job for a  Sr. Product Manager, Technical (AWS Game Tech) posted by Amazon, with the description: “This role will own the delivery of cloud-based metaverse services and requires a combination of strategic thinking, business problem solving, building technology and stakeholder management. The ideal candidate will have experience with companies building 3D games, 3D digital twins, or metaverse technology, and have a track record of delivering results with material business impact at scale, working through ambiguity and managing multiple stakeholders.”

Here comes the Chief Metaverse Officer

If companies have been hiring more and more professionalsfocused on the Metaverse, then the question arises: What will be the leadership of these professionals?

We can see, then, over the next few years, the emergence of the CMTO – Chief Metaverse Officer.

And if that sounds crazy to you, remember that some positions we have today didn’t exist 10 or 20 years ago, like Customer Success Analyst, Social Media Manager, or Solidity Developer, or Blockchain Leader.

To whom would the CMTO respond? To the CEO? To the CDO? To the CIO? This will depend on the size of each organization. But we are looking forward to seeing this type of professional increasingly present in companies.

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