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The Latest on South Korea’s Hyperconnectivity Plans

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Samsung joins South Korea’s ongoing Metaverse, 5G, and Hyperconnectivity roadmaps

Since January, the South Korean government has been moving forward with a hyperconnectivity roadmap that includes extended reality (XR), 5G, and metaverse solutions.

Samsung Electronics announced plans on Tuesday to build dedicated 5G networks across the region for five government public and private agencies with dedicated 4.7GHz and 28GHz 5G frequency bands.

According to Yong Chang, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, the 5G networks will “bring to life” several immersive technologies for the region.

The 5G network supports the widespread use of digital twins, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) hardware.

Yong Chang added,

“Samsung understands the unique needs of enterprises and is capable of delivering optimized network experiences”

Affected Sectors

Samsung is initiating the latest step in South Korea’s hyperconnectivity plan by delivering Compact Macro, Compact Core, and 5G radio devices to enable firms to stream large amounts of data.

Samsun Private Network Use Case Support

Samsung’s diagram of affected sectors PHOTO: Samsung

The company is also delivering 5G solutions to three public sector firms, with the Korea Electric Power Corporation being the region’s largest electric utility firm. Samsung uses its 5G services to enable smart grids incorporating digital twins, autonomous robots, and 5G-ready wearables.

Additionally, South Korea’s Industrial Complex Corporation is deploying a 5G and AI-powered safety system to track emergencies, such as fire hazards, in real-time.

Samsung also assists the region’s Water Resources Corporation by providing the infrastructure to deploy digital twins of real-world river basins, allowing the corporation to track damages in real-time.

Furthermore, Samsung collaborates with some of the country’s most extensive public healthcare facilities, including Ewha Woman’s University’s Mokdong Hospital and Samsung Medical Center, to provide 5G solutions, including immersive collaboration and 5G wearables.

South Korea’s XR-Powered Hyperconnectity Plans

The news comes after the South Korean government introduced a long-term Metaverse roadmap in January to develop roughly 220 XR firms valued at an estimated $4.2 million.

Seoul’s Information and Computer Technology (ICT) and Science Ministry are also setting up a “metaverse academy” to foster 40,000 industry experts by 2026.

Additionally, in March, the region continued its Metaverse journey with South Korea’s Ministry of ICT, Science, and Future Planning by pledging roughly $186.7 million to develop a nationwide Metaverse ecosystem for businesses.

The ministry’s roadmap supports the growth of sustainable Metaverse solutions for the nation’s private and public sectors. The roadmap supports XR technology development that helps domestic firms compete with global businesses. The Ministry is also awarding $208,985 to the creation of its sustainable enterprise Metaverse.

In September, South Korea also introduced plans to feed roughly $2.2 billion in financing from its Ministry of ICT to help small and medium enterprises get a competitive edge over international companies with help from XR technologies.


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