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Official Matsu VR Temple Opens Inside The Metaverse

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Followers around the world can participate in certified rituals.

Metaverse company XRSPACE is partnering with Meta and Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) to launch a digital recreation of the famous Beigang Chaotian Temple in VR. The Matsu metaverse will allow followers around the world to immerse themselves in the thousand-year religion like never before.

The virtual world will be accessible on compatible smartphones and tablets as well as in VR using the Meta Quest 2. Once they’ve logged in, followers can participate in certified Matsu rituals including Fortune-Changing Bells, Fortune Poem Readings, and Moon Block Divination. There’s also Guangming Lights, a paid ritual that involves lighting a virtual lantern inside the metaverse alongside a physical lantern at the actual Beigang temple grounds.


“The metaverse has the potential of redefining how humans socialize and connect,” said XRSPACE Founder Peter Chou. “XRSPACE aims to bring people together through the metaverse that will empower people’s everyday tasks in work, play, social, and religion practice with more immersive and interactive experience.”

“Metaverse is not only an extension of reality, but a powerful tool for real-time interaction and connectivity. XRSPACE is excited to partner with Meta, TAICCA, and Beigang Chaotian Temple to realize the Taiwan Cultural Metaverse. We will continue to push the technology on how metaverse experiences can serve cultural stories and initiatives, leading to new opportunities for Taiwan developers and creators on a global scale.”

Credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

“Beigang Chaotian Temple has a long history as the most influential Taiwanese religious hub for Matsu in devotion to serving all Her followers,” added Beigang Chaotian Temple Chairman, Mr. Yung-Te Tsai. “We are constantly seeking innovative means to extend Matsu’s global influence and to connect with young generations.”

“It is with great excitement that we partner with XRSPACE’s GOXR platform in linking with the global metaverse audience. Through which we are able to enact Matsu’s ritual and services with Her visitors, providing new possibilities for everyone to participate in Taiwan’s cultural events. We shall continue to collaborate with XRSPACE in a series of cultural performances in honor of Matsu’s spirit and teachings.”


The Beigang Chaotian Temple metaverse will launch on October 4th via the aforementioned platform. In celebration of the grand opening, the platform will be hosting a “People’s Matsu Art Contest.” If you ever find yourself in need of assistance, just keep a look out for your two tour guides: Thousand-Mile-Sight and Ears-of-Wind.

Moving forward, XRSPACE and its partners plan on introducing various other cultural IPs. For more information visit here.


Image Credit: XRSPACE

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