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Nvidia GTC: How to build the industrial metaverse

by admin

Nvidia’s Omniverse is a precursor for the open metaverse, a universe of virtual worlds that are interconnected, like in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One. And it is rapidly moving beyond science fiction into the realm of industrial applications.

That’s because the metaverse will not be about fun and games. Enterprises are using the open platform of the Omniverse as a way to conduct simulations in the digital world before they build something in the real world. Creating “digital twins” of things like BMW factories and even the climate model of the entire Earth are giving real meaning to the metaverse among enterprises and other non-game applications.

For the third time at an Nvidia GTC event, I moderated a panel on the Omniverseand the progress that companies are making as they build 3D assets, simulate their engineering designs, and share across company lines. Our panel assessed how much progress we have made and what kind of progress they expect to make in one, five, or ten years.

The panelists included Rev Lebaredian, head of the Omniverse and simulation technology group at Nvidia; Virginie Maillard, global head of research for simulation and digital twins for Siemens; Amy Bunszel, executive vice president of architecture, engineering, and construction design solutions at Autodesk; Timoni West, vice president of augmented and virtual reality at Unity; and Lori Hufford, vice president of engineering collaboration at Bentley Systems.What follows is an edited transcript of our panel.Nvidia’s GTC panel on the industrial metaverse.

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