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Metaverse technologies must be integrated into education

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More efforts are needed from companies to promote the integration of metaverse technologies into the education industry to improve teaching and learning efficiency, industry insiders said.

Yue Xiwei, co-founder, chairman and CEO of vocational education leader Huike, said as the metaverse continues to heat up, it is important for education companies to really apply such technologies to change education itself, as well as nurture related talents in the field.

He made the remarks when the company cooperated with online education firm Kaikeba and a software industrial park of Top East in establishing an education experience center for the metaverse.

Dai Ruoli, co-founder and chief technology officer of Beijing Noitom Technology Ltd, a virtual reality solutions provider, said: “Digitalization is an irreversible trend. When faced with the metaverse, it is expected to embrace and popularize it to more people through education.”



Foto: [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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