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Metaverse School Teaches Kids How To Code For VR/AR

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Camp K12 is helping educate the next generation of VR, AR, and metaverse creators.

It seems as though every industry is investing in the growing metaverse trend. Nike successfully launched Nikeland, Mcdonald’s is dropping hints regarding a potential metaverse restaurant, and banks are investing in digital twins. Even the military is creating their own Metaverse experience. 

Adding to that growing list of immersive social experiences is Hatch Kids from the ed-tech startup Camp K12. Hatch Kids is a metaverse school designed to help kids between the ages of 5 and 18 learn how to create AR/VR content, paving the way for the next generation of creators.

Through Hatch Kids, young learners access a program called HatchXR, a set of awesome tools that will let kids design, code, and play their own games as well as create their own virtual worlds to explore. The tools will teach learners the ins and outs of building virtual worlds, including how to create 3D objects, and code by using blocks as well as javascript. They can then publish their work for others to try through a VR headset, mobile, WebXR, or a standard tablet. 

In an official press release, Camp K12’s co-founder and CEO, Anshul Bhag talked about Hatch’s vision, saying, “There are 100m+ kid coders out there today using a variety of free coding platforms to learn coding by building games and apps. These platforms are incredibly effective and they set the stage for the kid’s coding movement back in 2007, however, the vast majority of them are restricted to 2D project creation, built for the age of smartphones and flat screens.”

Bhag adds, “As technologies like AR and VR go mainstream, we need to upgrade the tools that kids learn on and that educators teach on for modern-day use cases and content formats. We built Hatch as a kids coding platform for the age of the Metaverse.”

The ultimate goal of Hatch Kids is to give young learners the knowledge and tools to build out their first AR/VR experiences and help them develop the self-confidence they need to become creators in the future rather than just passive consumers.

Since its launch, Hatch Kids has found a sizable audience of young people looking to explore the possibilities of creating AR/VR experiences. Currently, their program can be found across 25 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and India, with kids getting access through schools and ed-tech partnerships.

The program is also being implemented by governments (including the Government of Delhi in India) and was featured on the popular site Code.org as an “Hour of Code” activity. That segment was so popular that the platform has quickly grown to become the most popular activity for students from Grades 6-8 and the 3rd most popular activity overall on the site.

Hatch Kids is free to use. Any child enrolled in the program can learn how to create 3D VR/AR worlds and objects and create unique Metaverse experiences with ease. The program also provides free AR/VR curriculum modules for educators and schools. To learn more about Hatch Kids and HatchXR head on over to their website or join their Discord.


Image Credit: Camp K12

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