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Metaverse Could Be The Opportunity Of Your Life

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Don’t miss this if you’re a creative person

Ever since Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta, metaverse search spiked on Google search.

It got people’s attention towards the future of the internet. The world is heading towards decentralization and ownership.

McKinsey reported that $120 billion had been poured into the metaverse in 2022, which is 10X the $13 billion in 2021.

Investors know this space’s potential; companies are still raising millions of dollars even with the market down but creators — not so.

Creators are aware that the opportunity lies in the metaverse.

Creators are the builders of the metaverse

In web 2, we only focused on content and views.

We only wanted our content to rank higher on the web, get trending on the charts and perform well on various platforms.

We never paid attention to our contribution to the platform or how our content impacted the entire ecosystem.

The case is utterly distinct in the metaverse economy. The creator creates the virtual world or the platform. Coders can build the forum, but the creator imagines it.

The elements of the metaverse like NFTs, 3D spaces, avatars, and other assets are the content of Web 3, just as text, videos, and photos encapsulated web 2.

The content of web 3 is not a fungible part but the foundation on which metaverse is built.

The contribution of creators in the metaverse is significantly more, making creators the builders.

Every content is an asset in the metaverse

Posting one good video isn’t going to make you a Youtube star. 
Posting one good photo, don’t IG won’t do either.

But creating one asset in the metaverse has the potential to bring in life-changing results. One element made by you can have the potential to transform the entire metaverse.

Web 3 also provides the infrastructure to help creators create content. Companies like UnityRoblox, and Epic are some of the companies that are thriving on user-generated content.

The new content could be a game like Adopt Me. It’s the most popular game on Roblox and has over 26 billion visits. The game became so popular that its developers set up their studio to develop games.

Another significant part of crypto content is they’re transferable.

The content you create on current social media stays with the platform. If you move to another forum, your content remains with that platform.

The YouTube video you invested two weeks in stays with YouTube, and you must start from scratch to build new stuff.

But that’s not the case in the crypto world.

NFTs and gaming assets

The assets you create and the NFTs you hold stay with you irrespective of which metaverse you travel to.

All your assets will have your wallet address and can be used in various platforms on various blockchains through interoperability.

Interoperability allows you to use content or assets from one blockchain to another. For example, you can take your assets from the Polkadot ecosystem to Solana or Ethereum and own them.

Interoperable assets are the future of content that promises a stable economy for creators building them.

Playing P2E games like Axie Infinity employed millions in the Philippines. Moreover, there was a 300% increase in „play-to-earn crypto games“ in July 2021.

With that magnitude, asset creation becomes even more lucrative.

Not just playing games, building game assets on various metaverses like Robloxor Decentraland also allows game enthusiasts to monetize their leisure activities.

Apart from games and assets, NFTs are another way people leverage their art skills. As a result, NFTs are the most common form of digital assets in the blockchain world.


The renaissance of art that nonfungible tokens got into the world has allowed people to rekindle their love for their craft.

And this is not it.

We’re still early in the metaverse economy; every day, more use cases are emerging for creators to finally make a full-time living from their passion.



Originally published at https://cryptocreatives.substack.com.

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