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Meta’s Next VR/AR Headset Will ‘Replace Your Laptop’

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Zuckerberg shares more information on the company’s upcoming XR headset ‘Project Cambria.’ 

During a Q1 2022 earnings call, Meta (formerly Facebook) co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared new information with investors regarding its next headset which is scheduled to launch sometime this year.

During the meeting, Zuckerberg confirmed that the device, codenamed ‘Project Cambria,’ is designed primarily for “work use cases” as opposed to gaming and entertainment. This lines up with past statements in which Meta confirmed that the upcoming XR device is by no means a successor to the Quest 2.

Zuckerberg hopes this XR device will one day replace your laptop or conventional work setup by offering a more attractive mixed reality workspace powered by VR/AR. In addition to these XR tools, the previously-mentioned face and eye-tracking will offer more realistic and expressive avatars, allowing for more natural interactions during virtual meetings. 

Originally announced at the Facebook Connect event in 2021, Project Cambria promises a higher-end experience compared to that of the Meta Quest 2. This includes eye and face tracking, improved ergonomics, and enhanced mixed reality capabilities such as high-res colored Passthrough.

With Meta Quest 2 sales through the roof, it makes sense that Meta is looking to mix things up with its next device rather than cannibalize its own hardware lineup. Thanks to robust VR coworking apps like Horizon Workrooms, we’ve seen just how powerful Meta’s Passthrough technology can be as a productivity tool. We can only imagine how Project Cambria’s improved colored passthrough and face tracking capabilities will impact the future virtual coworking. 

During the call, Zuckerberg also revealed that Meta’s VR/AR revenue is up 31%, driven largely by the massive success of the Quest 2. For more information on Project Cambria check out our previous coverage here. You can also check out the full earnings call here.



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