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Industry In Awe As Ozone Unveils World’s First Metaverse Districts Built on Flow Blockchain

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In one of the most anticipated announcements in the tech sector, Ozone Metaverse unveiled the first three districts in its Web3 Metaverse during this weekend’s GENESIS LAND SALE, giving a welcome boost to the tech sector.

Key industry figures have welcomed the move, heralding it as an important step in the development of a diverse and inclusive metaverse where all users can find their digital home.

Jay Ess, Founder and CEO of Ozone Metaverse explained why the new Districts mark a major milestone in the development of the metaverse.

“The Metaverse has arrived,” he says. “Until now, it has been difficult for individuals or businesses to own land, build, or actively participate in the Metaverse. However, with our tools and their imagination, we are now set to start building a world without limits.”

Although rumors have been circulating within Discord and Telegram discussion groups for the last few weeks, until now, the names of the first districts have remained one of the most closely guarded secrets in the emerging Web3 sector.

Those rumors were put to rest today when, ahead of the long-anticipated initial land sale now running through July 6, 2022, Ozone Metaverse, confirmed its first three districts.


  • FlowZone District: Bright, positive, and colorful, this district is the perfect place for Flow and Ozone communities and those who want to link closely with them. The idea is to “Build Beautiful.” It is a world of endless possibilities, inspiration, and creativity where the bright and lush greenery reflects the positive and innovative spirit of the Flow ecosystem.
  • Di5trikt Zero: Explore the edge where industry and technology fuse together. Dark, elusive, and sparking with energy, it is home to cyberpunks, neuromancers, and counterculture heroes. Di5trikt Zero is the place for brave souls who defy convention and crave the fellowship of freethinking innovators. It is a place for people who play by different rules. Multiple DAOs and organizations have confirmed their participation and are already setting up shop in Di5trikt Zero.
Still Capture of Di5strict Zero Land Map


  • Gaia Space District: Gaia Space Terminal is a futuristic off-world colony. This Metaverse space outpost is the place for those who embrace new technology, can imagine future worlds, and refuse to be held down by gravity. Gaia Terminal is a place of freethinking creativity. It is a magnet for tech-heads, those at the forefront of new technologies in biomimicry, and space adventurers.

Jay Ess believes that the new districts are the start of a movement that will revolutionize how we all live in, and use digital worlds. He says:

“The metaverse has the potential to be the most profound technological shift for this entire generation. We have been clear that our role is to open that up to as many people as possible.”

Oleksiy Kvashchenko, CTO at Ozone Metaverse, agrees:

“Announcing the first three districts is an important milestone on our journey to democratize creativity, enabling anyone to be a part of this exciting new world.”

The Ozone Metaverse Independence Day Weekend sale is launching its alpha release of land quietly in the ecosystem for $FLOW and $BLT token holders. The company surprised industry experts and community members by committing to honor $FLOW token and $BLT token prices for land parcels that were set prior to recent market falls. This preferred pricing approach will provide a much-needed boost following a difficult time for many token holders.

Regardless of the market conditions, analysts predict that the metaverse is emerging as the hottest destination for savvy tech investors and individual creators alike.

Jay Ess says:

“We know it is a difficult market right now, and we want to do all we can to reflect the challenges that our Metaverse pioneers are facing. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we will make the introductory costs for early adopters as low as possible to show our support to our community.”

Visit https://ozonemetaverse.io to claim your free citizenship, and find your way to the community on Discord or Telegram.

Genesis Land Drop Live Now Exclusively for $FLOW and $BLT Token Holder

Industry Impressed

Edwin, COO of Blocto wallet said:

“Building a Metaverse that scales requires safe, secure, and smart tools that can deliver a seamless user experience. We’re delighted to be working with Ozone to ensure that we’re creating a Metaverse that is intuitive, accessible, and open to anyone who wants to take part. Powered by Ozone and Flow blockchain, Blocto spearheads this approach with a mobile-first, beginner-friendly wallet with seamless, one-click onboarding.”

Mickey Maher,SVP of Partnerships at Dapper Labs said:

“Flow’s ambition to onboard billions of users makes Ozone a natural partner for our blockchain. Their commitment to creating a truly accessible web3 metaverse platform that is high quality, fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly aligns with our own ambitions and they have our full support.”


Foto: Still Capture of FlowZone District Land Map


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