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HTC Vive Announces Viveverse, A Cross-Platform Metaverse

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Viveverse is a metaverse inside a metaverse inside a…

HTC Vive this week revealed Viveverse, an open-source VR metaverse composed of various interactive worlds, apps, and games. Accessible via a smartphone, PC, tablet, and the company’s new Vive Flow VR glasses, the cross-platform allows users to travel between various platforms like Vive Sync and Engage, a popular enterprise metaverse platform. You can even connect your favorite crypto wallet and import your favorite NFTs using the Vive Flow.

The goal, according to HTC Vive, is to create an open-ended digital universe where users can travel between worlds while maintaining a sense of “identity, security, and privacy.” The company says its partnering with hundreds of partners to expand its growing platform, including Beatday, Engage, VRChat, and Vive Sync. Users can connect to Viveverse using the Vive Connect cross-platform app.

“Since starting VIVE in 2015, we’ve integrated technology with humanity. Viverse is taking the next step in making our vision a reality by creating a world of possibilities to learn, create, explore, train, play, and unwind,”said Cher Wang, Co-Founder and Chairwoman at HTC. “We’re working with amazing partners to grow the open ecosystem and making immersive experiences more accessible with Viverse.”

In addition to Viveverse, HTC Vive also unveiled Vive Guardian, a new privacy and safety tool for parents and kids to use while exploring the metaverse. The app features two modes: Free and Broadcast. Free mode allows parents to manually select which content their child can access before diving into the metaverse.

Broadcast mode, on the other hand, enables parents to select individual games and apps one at a time and broadcast them directly to the headset using an Android smartphone. The Vive Guardian app is available free to download via the Google Play Store and Viveport.


Image Credit: HTC Vive

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