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The Metaverse is an exciting concept that has recently come to fruition once more since Facebook renamed their empire ‘Meta’. First introduced by speculative fiction author Neal Stephenson in his novel ‘Snow Crash’, the Metaverse provides people with an escape from reality and is expected to become the future.

But the real question is, what is the Metaverse?


The Metaverse is a fascinating concept, defined as a whole network of 3D virtual worlds with a focus on social connection. Such virtual worlds continue to exist when a person is not using them, and they combine aspects of both the digital and physical worlds. A Metaverse is accessed using virtual and augmented reality, or by devices such as game consoles or mobiles. Forecasted to become an $800 billion market by 2024, a Metaverse also has its own digital economies that users can create, sell and purchase goods for a monetary value.

“The Metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft


Back in 1992, talented science fiction author Neal Stephenson introduced the term Metaverse in his novel Snow Crash. A New York Times Bestselling author, Neal demonstrated his early vision of how a virtual reality-based internet may evolve in the near future. The Metaverse is a resemblance to a massively multiplayer online game and is populated by user-controlled avatars.

“The people are pieces of software called avatars. They are the audio-visual bodies that people use to communicate with each other in the metaverse” – Neal Stephenson, New York Times Bestselling Author


Since its creation, the term Metaverse has been seen in countless other films and books. Ernest Cline authored the novel Ready Player One, which was later made into a feature film, which introduced the concept of a fully digitised world that existed alongside the real world. The blockbuster film Avatar is also an example of a Metaverse, exploring the capabilities of AR and VR technology.


The Metaverse will not be the end of the internet, instead, it will be the future of social interaction. The internet plays a vital role in accessing the Metaverse, connecting people across the globe.

“In simplest terms, the Metaverse is the internet, but in 3D” – Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor, Deloitte Digital


An often complex subject, a fantastic way to learn more about the Metaverse is by booking a leading expert speaker. Putting into perspective the future of communication and social interaction, our subject experts put the complexities of the Metaverse into an understandable context. To make the futuristic term more accessible, take a look at our selection of the official top 14 Metaverse keynote speakers to hire.


  1. Neal Stephenson
  2. Jane McGonigal
  3. Philip Rosedale
  4. Jeremy Dalton
  5. Phil Spencer
  6. Ed Greig
  7. Mike Morhaime
  8. Aragorn Meulendijks
  9. Vishal Shah
  10. Charlie Fink
  11. Inder Phull
  12. George Bloom
  13. Celia Hodent
  14. Mark Van Rijmenam
  15. Mike Walsh



A famed speculative fiction author, Neal Stephenson is renowned for coining the term ‘Metaverse’. A No.1 New York Times Bestselling author, Neal first introduced the idea of a Metaverse in his novel Snow Crash. Describing an urban environment developed along a 100m wide road, Neal’s Metaverse was controlled by avatars of many different forms and accessed via virtual reality displays and goggles. Majorly ahead of his time, Neal introduced a revolutionary concept, that has recently become a reality with the development of virtual reality technology such as VR headsets. When booked to speak about the Metaverse, Neal details how his revolutionary vision came to fruition.

“The Metaverse is a fictional structure made out of code. And code is just a form of speech – the form that computers understand. The Metaverse in its entirety could be considered a single vast nam-shub, enacting itself on L.Bob Reife’s fiber-optic network.” – Neal Stephenson


A world-renowned game designer, Jane McGonigal is a leading expert at the forefront of alternate reality gaming. Famed as the Co-Founder of SuperBetter, a game that helps users to tackle real-life health issues, from depression and anxiety to traumatic brain injury and chronic pain, Jane’s revolutionary and clinically validated game has impacted hundreds of users. Now also a two-times New York Times Bestseller with her books Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World and SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully, Jane is also booked as a Metaverse speaker to explain the concept of entering an alternative reality.

“I think the most important thing from a young age, especially as we move forward with whether it’s going to be the Metaverse, or whatever relationship we’ll have with virtual worlds, we don’t want kids to think of them as separate from their real lives or their real identities.” – Jane McGonigal


Prolific tech entrepreneur, Philip Rosedale is revered as the Co-Founder of High Fidelity and the Inventor of Second Life. An early pioneer in the virtual world, Philip invented the concept of Second Life, a revolutionary open-ended, internet-connected virtual world that has over 1 million active users with an annual spend of $1 billion. Also pioneering developments in new virtual world platforms for VR headsets, Philip is an expert on the emerging capabilities of mobile and VR devices. When booked as a metaverse speaker, Philip explores the exciting prospects of a new virtual world and simulated reality.

“I’m not building a game. I’m building a new country” – Philip Rosedale


A distinguished expert on virtual technologies, Jeremy Dalton is forging his success as the Head of Metaverse Technologies for PwC. Formerly working as Innovation Manager and VR/AR Specialist for PwC, Jeremy explores the exciting new possibilities of emerging virtual technologies. Currently a member of the Board of Immerse UK, Jeremy is on a mission to support the growth of Metaverse technologies in business. Formerly recognised in the likes of The Economist and The Financial Times, Jeremy has recently authored the book Reality Check, detailing how immersive technology can transform business. A true expert on the Metaverse and the possibilities of immersive tech, don’t miss out on an opportunity to delve into the Metaverse with a speech from Jeremy Dalton.


CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer has enjoyed a career working at the forefront of the technology and gaming industries. Leading global creative and engineering teams responsible for gaming, Phil has advocated for cross-platform play, adaptive controllers and backward compatibility. An expert on escaping to the virtual worlds of video games, Phil is now booked to speak on gaming and the Metaverse, detailing how the Metaverse is more company-focused than player-focused. With a decorated history in technology at companies including Microsoft and Xbox, don’t miss out on a speech from tech expert Phil Spencer.


A pioneering figure in new and emerging technologies, Ed Greig is currently enjoying his role as the Chief Disruptor for Deloitte Digital. Inspiring people to ‘fall in love with the problem, not the solution’, Ed shares his expertise on the possibilities of new technologies and the future of immersive technology. In his role as Chief Disruptor, Ed often speaks on the future of immersive technology such as the Metaverse, detailing how it can be possible for you to watch a world-class theatre performance or fight a fire in a power station from the comfort of your own home with the Metaverse.

“In simplest terms, the Metaverse is the internet, but in 3D… Many of the Metaverse ingredients are with us now – think interacting with lots of people and content made by them, in persistent, immersive worlds across many devices, including virtual reality. The more these components intertwine, the closer we get to a fuller version of the metaverse” – Ed Greig


Mike Morhaime is renowned for his profession as a video game developer and entrepreneur, famed as the Founder and CEO of Dreamhaven and the Co-Founder and President of Blizzard Entertainment. After leaving his role as president in 2018, Mike became the Founder of Dreamhaven in 2020, a new video game company with two development studios. In recognition of his achievements, Mike has been inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame and named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012. Sitting at the helm of the biggest video game companies, Mike knows all about augmented reality and alternative realities. Book Mike today to learn more about the possibilities that the Metaverse holds for society.

“When we started Blizzard, we just wanted to make great games. What we released is that the games we create are really just a framework for communities and human interaction.” – Michael Morhaime


Leading innovator, Aragorn Meulendijks is on a mission to make the concept of a Metaverse a reality as the Chief Marketing Officer of Your Open Metaverse. An expert on gaming, crypto, NFTs, blockchain and the Metaverse, Aragorn is determined to create a decentralised Metaverse platform accessible anywhere at any time. Describing himself as an early adopter, Aragorn is pioneering the future of interaction and engagement with customers through the Metaverse and is sitting at the helm of the hottest Metaverse company in the Netherlands. Having previously spoken at the BLOCKCHANCE 2021 conference, don’t hesitate in booking Aragorn to learn more about the prospects of the Metaverse.


Vice President of Metaverse for Meta, Vishal Shah is pioneering the move towards the Metaverse at one of the world’s biggest technology companies. Facing the exciting challenges of making a Metaverse a reality, Vishal has formerly worked as the Vice President of Product and Director of Product Management for Instagram. Channelling innovation and creativity into Meta, Vishal has also been recognised as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, ranked at number nine. If you are looking for a speech from a figure who is at the forefront of making the concept of a Metaverse a reality, book Vishal Shah today.


A sought-after Metaverse consultant, Charlie Fink has spent the past four decades at the convergence of popular culture and technology. Having formerly been the Vice President of Creative Development & Production for Disney, creating the concept for The Lion King, and the CEO of Virtual World Entertainment, Charlie has built detailed knowledge of VR, AR, data and the Metaverse. Having also worked as the Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of AOL Studios, Charlie has a broad-ranging knowledge of creativity, strategy and emerging technologies. With past experience in creating immersive VR gaming experiences, Charlie is now booked as a Metaverse speaker to inform audiences on how they will find their own place in the rapidly evolving Metaverse ecosystem.

“Metaverse is allowing people to be transported into spaces that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible to experience in the real world. Experts are calling it a gamification of life.” – Charlie Fink


A pioneer of emerging technology in the music industry, Inder Phull is the Co-Founder and CEO of PIXELYNX, a company whose mission is to create the music Metaverse in which musicians can release their music and control their experiences with playable worlds and NFTs. Transforming the music industry, Inder puts the complexities of the Metaverse into an understandable and realistic context. A leading expert on technology, gaming, blockchain and music, book Inder as a Metaverse speaker to find out what is in store for the future of music.


Having enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry, George Bloom has found great success as an Executive Producer for CBS Television Studios in their Visual Effects department. Over the course of his career, George has worked on hit shows, such as Stranger Things on Netflix and Man In The High Castle for Amazon. He was also previously the Vice President of Creative Content for The Walt Disney Studios and Vice President of Special Operations for 20th Century. An expert on the future of the film industry, George previously delivered the TEDx talk How The Metaverse Will Change Filmmaking, which he now also speaks on as a Metaverse speaker to educate audiences on the future of the industry.


A talented game UX designer, Celia Hodent is widely known for her former role as the Director of User Experience for Epic Games, the creators of the illustrious Fortnite game. Also the Founder and Chair of the Game UX Summit, the former Product Developer for Vtech, the former Playtest Project Manager for Ubisoft and a UX Lead for LucasArts, Celia is a leading expert on user experience, playful learning, gamification and the Metaverse. A bestselling author, of titles The Gamer’s Brain, The Psychology of Video Games, What UX Is Really About and Game Usability, Celia is also booked as a speaker to share the prospects of emerging technology and the Metaverse.


A leading future tech strategist, Mark Van Rijmenam is on a mission to make the future of tech and work understandable for all. As ‘The Digital Speaker’, Mark is putting the concept of the Metaverse into perspective, having recently authored the book Step Into The Metaverse: How The Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy. Founder of Datafloq, Mark also sits at the helm of a company dedicated to providing information on the hottest topics surrounding emerging technology. Boasting his own avatar and hologram, don’t miss out on being transported to the Metaverse an eye-opening speech from Mark.

“Those brands that decide to step into the Metaverse today, will be the frontrunners of tomorrow’s immersive world. The Metaverse gives brands an opportunity to create that emotional bond with customers by creating unique virtual experiences.” – Mark Van Rijmenam


A renowned futurist and award-winning author, Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow and a leading authority on digital transformation, disruptive innovation and new methods of thinking. Featured in international publications such as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Forbes, Mike engages with businesses on how they can future-proof their practices to ensure they are prepared to deal with disruptive technological changes set to take place in society. Anticipating future trends that will shape the future, Mike is booked as a Metaverse speaker to detail what business leaders need to know to remain successful when the Metaverse inevitably takes over.

“The Metaverse is more than a gold rush; it is an alchemical transformation in how the world works. Over the next few years, we will see a rapid convergence between the digital and real world driven by increasingly sophisticated devices, decentralised blockchain technologies and AI platforms capable of generating persistent, immersive and collaborative experiences indistinguishable from reality.” – Mike Walsh



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