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Disney Commits to New Hire in Metaverse Push

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Disney internally restructures and hires Apple veteran in Web 3.0 vision 

Last week, Disney disclosed its hiring of Mark Bozon, the firm’s new VP of Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences, to assist the entertainment giant in creating Metaverse-based services.

Previously, Mark worked at Apple for twelve years. He recently worked as a Games Creative Director at its Arcade division. Bozon first announced his departure from Apple in May without disclosing his new place of work.

Additionally, Disney’s SVP of Next Generation Storytelling & Consumer ExperiencesMike White, hired Mark for Disney’s Web 3.0 push. The hiring comes after the SVPs internal promotion to focus on Metaverse content.

Building Disney’s Metaverse

Disney’s Metaverse team is innovating to provide the firm with new approaches to branding, advertising, and consumer experiences.

In an interview with Variety in February, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that emerging Metaverse platforms present “the perfect place to pursue our strategic pillars of storytelling excellence, innovation, and audience focus.”

He added:

For nearly 100 years, our company has defined and redefined entertainment by leveraging technology to bring stories to life in deeper, more impactful ways. 

Today, we have an opportunity to connect those universes and create an entirely new paradigm for how audiences experience and engage with our stories.

In January, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Disney the patent for a “virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue.”

The technology patent secures Disney the right to develop augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) experiences which overlay real-time 3D assets on a real-world Disney theme park location.

Conversely, ex-Disney CEO Robert Iger joined the Board of Directors for Metaverse firm Genies Inc to support the start-up in creating an eCommerce ready virtual world that includes NFT and blockchain integration.

The news comes following streaming rival Netflix hinting at a Metaverse service last year. Netflix’s announcement also revealed the hiring of Mike Verdu as Vice-President of Game Development to create integrated immersive experiences alongside the platform’s video content.


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