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Building the #BIOMETAVERSE, NFTs with real DNA data

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Today I share with my Linkedin community one of my most ambitious projects, trying to shape the future of our lives and the relationships in the metaverse. I’m grateful to have the support of an awesome team of scientists, creative and business colleagues, partners from the scientific field like genetic labs and blockchain experts.

The main concept is to merge our real DNA data with science art and the future metaverse. There are thousands of NFT collections out there, but this is the first NFT project with an artistic interpretation of the user’s genetic data. In the near future, most of us will be surfing the web 3.0 with avatars and our goal is to have something a little bit more human than a „digital asset“, at least that asset will have our own genetic essence which connects our soul with the virtual world. I’m envisioning more than a metaverse, I’ll call it a #biometaverse.

The project called DNAverse aims to preserve the essence of organic life in the digital context and find a way to mix both worlds organically. 

As Gary Vee said once, „everybody will have digital assets in less than 15 years“, so our mission is to make them all able to impregnate a little bit of their soul and genetic essence to their NFTs in this era. 

I’m envisioning that we will be influenced by this approach with a huge impact. In a decade when everything becomes even more digital we will need to identify ourselves as humans with some kind of a geneticized blue check. 

So when millions of users will use social media platforms and create digital relationships based on NFTs and the overall ecosystem will embrace blockchain at a massive scale, many of us will geneticize our NFTs to own something more than a digital asset but to have a piece of us impregnated into it. This comes with a wide variety of benefits but also with a vision of a change in the future metaverse.

I know it sounds kind of crazy but also, how about health recommendations and customized nutrition and fitness based on our DNA-based NFT, even wearing fashionable clothes personalized with a style based on our genetics, or matching on Tinder with a real verified human on the metaverse instead of realizing you were chatting with an IA bot.

A disruptive project like this one will always have skeptical people and haters but also visionary and early adopters and the last ones will be the precursors of a genetic metaverse.

What I could assure is that besides the ownership of all the digital assets and user identities, we all need something that we can relate to in a deeper way and identify ourselves with that digital asset ( NFT ), etc… I don´t mean verify the property, that’s what blockchain is for, I mean something we can be proud of owning, love, feel identified, and connect ourselves with it.

The creative and artistic interpretation of the DNA data extracted from the user’s test kits will be managed with high protocol standards by a specialized genetic test lab in Denmark.

A great community will grow as the ancestors of the #biometaverse, at the beginning just a few visionary people, then it will spread as a trend, and afterward, it will be a massively adopted feature for all of us in our digital relationships in any platform we use.

The project has planned many other features to benefit the community like a decentralized platform, health services, community meetings, business opportunities, etc…

More than a scientific paper I write this article to share opinions since the whitepaper is still under development, anyway you will get updates on the website or discord / twitter.

I would like to invite you all to join in this amazing trip that will shape our future digital relationships.  Waiting for your thoughtful opinions, thanks y’all.



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