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Building An Enchanting Anime Metaverse on Kawaii Islands

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Imagine you are on Kawaii islands, planting and growing magical creatures — but you also want to transport to another isekai (anime world) to fight monsters, or to play an overlord, or to experience life and death. Kawaii islands has always positioned and targeted itself as an anime metaverse for many kinds of anime-style games and virtual activities. It is a place where reality is mixed and transformed with creativity and magic to provide many layers of engaging experiences. Let’s dive into some major features that highlight all aspects of “Play, Connect, Create, and Earn” with Kawaii Islands.

Virtual Island Chains

Kawaii Islands contains a group of floating island chains with specific characteristics and roles. Each island chain provides a magical feature and plays a role in the overall metaverse. The center is the main kingdom land for governance, entertainment, and landmark buildings including ad spaces, hotspots, concert halls, and many more. This place is for characters of all anime worlds can meet up and socialize.

Surrounding the main kingdom land are other satellite island chains, which are autonomous lands governed by individual anime games.

Kawaii Islands welcomes and will support other anime games to join this metaverse to broaden the experience layers of players. Anime games besides simulation but role-based will bring unlimited aspects of life like friendship, family, work, morals, emotions, and more.

The island sale and the incentive or funding plan will be announced in the future.

Persona Avatar

In Kawaii Islands metaverse, we’ll use your personal information (given by you) and several machine learning and recommendation models to generate your virtual avatars in different anime worlds. Your in-game experiences will also help optimize your avatar automatically.

Virtual fashion or couture can be auto-designed by algorithms, pre-designed by anime artists, or custom-designed by community artists. By joining this metaverse, creators and artists of different backgrounds and styles can have opportunities to secure their finances with their creativity without any limitation.

Social activities

As important as social activities are in real-world, Kawaii islands will bring many virtual, AR-based, and VR-based technologies to its anime metaverse in order to enhance the interaction and networking between players. From entertainment activities like virtual live concerts of well-known anime, seasonal gathering events, virtual dates in fantasy restaurants to formal activities like group meetings, job interviews, or educational conferences, all can be organized and mixed in Kawaii islands metaverse.

Above all, social activities in Kawaii Islands metaverse are supposed to be magical in a thoroughly cute and enchanting space.

Infrastructure for creators and other anime games

Kawaii islands will readily build all core infrastructure modules including blockchain-related functionalities so that creators and other anime games can join Kawaii islands metaverse easily. Those functions can be but not limited to: transporting between anime worlds, exchanging of goods, governing voting, event gathering.

Entrepreneur space

Aiming to build a Metaverse that can be accessed everywhere on all devices, Kawaii Islands’ Anime Metaverse will establish a space for entrepreneurs to build their own business and established businesses to run on our metaverse. Kawaii Islands will host the space for people from all over the world to interact and expand their business. Our players will be able to set up their own store, bar, restaurant and other forms of services to sell their digital creations and assets. We will also support the interaction with DeFi applications and businesses, creating a seamless environment for users to connect and use different services in the blockchain network, all in 1 portal of our Anime Metaverse. We will also work to connect with traditional fashion, commercial brands or anime powerhouse to create and sell their digital merchandise in our business space.

Updated roadmap for 2021 and beyond

The following describes a tentative roadmap of Kawaii Islands to complete its anime metaverse vision. We’ll update this information on the website.

November 2021

  • Leaderboards
  • MILKY gaming token TGE
  • Field, Plant and Creature nurturing features
  • Optimizing crafting features

December 2021

  • Creative Home Decor Contest
  • Seasonal Events

Q1 2022

  • Mobile version
  • DAO Governance
  • Fashion tailoring
  • Home party

Q2 2022

  • Mini anime games in metaverse
  • Clan feature

Q3 — Q4 2022 & beyond

  • Persona avatar
  • Virtual live anime concerts
  • Entrepreneur islands opening
  • Infrastructure for creators

Final note

We believe Metaverse is beyond creating things in virtual spaces, but about bringing cross-world experiences for people to connect with their inner souls and with other people. Kawaii Islands aims to bring many fantasy anime worlds of different styles and experiences for its players and to mix reality into many magical lands.



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