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Banking Comes To The Metaverse With Mana VR

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Earn banking reward points for games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars!

Mana VR lets you take control of your Manaverse checking account in a fully immersive VR environment where you can view your balance, check recent transactions, and even transfer money.

“The entire Mana team is super passionate about technology and all things gaming. It’s clear that spatial computing is the future and it’s exploding with VR gaming,” said Steve Mautone, Vice President of Product at Mana.

“Here at Mana, we’re going beyond creating a virtual world. We want more than a headline. We are here to support VR as a first-class citizen alongside our mobile apps on Android and iOS to really explore the VR banking experience.”

Like any real-world banking experience, Mana offers its customers some pretty cool rewards. You can earn points that can be spent on video games and unlock Mana rewards by playing your favorite games. Yes, you can earn Mana reward points by playing video games.

If you’re looking to spend some of your money on real-world stuff, Mana also gives their customers spending power through a Mana Visa Debit Card which also comes with rewards.

Mana bank accounts are free to anyone 18 years and up in the US. If you’d like to start a Mana bank account, you’ll need to join their waitlist

Along with having an immersive VR banking experience, Mana also gives you banking power the old-fashioned way through a mobile app that will soon be available for all iOS and Android devices. 

Mana VR will be available on PC VR headsets via Steam and the Meta Quest via SideQuestVR.



Image Credit: Mana

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