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Avantis Education Launches VR Learning Platform

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The company’s VR education solution is set to deploy across the UK

Last Monday, Avantis Education, a UK-based immersive learning firm, announced the launch of Eduverse across selected K-12 learning institutions in the country.

The UK-based firm provides schools with a Metaverse learning solution that enables students and teachers to interact in virtual reality (VR) classrooms.

Students can access educational content in Eduverse learning spaces from a “secure and controlled environment.”

The Global Sales & Marketing Director for Avantis Education, Huw Williams, added,

“The Eduverse powers all our world-class VR offerings and helps teachers bring thousands of amazing, immersive educational experiences into their classrooms in a safe and secure online platform. It provides them with endless possibilities to engage their students, all from a collaborative environment to bring subject matter to life”

Avantis Education designed Eduverse as a web-based and cross-platform compatible solution, meaning the service works on laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and VR headsets.

The service also supports Avantis Education’s purpose-built headset, as well as Google Expeditions kit, and is designed for classroom adoption.

Williams also said,

“We wanted to make the K-12 metaverse accessible to teachers and their students, regardless of what devices they are using”

More than a Virtual Classroom

Teachers using the platform can utilise immersive visualisations to assist students in academic concepts and training such as special education, post-COVID exercises, and remaining active in the classroom.

The base Eduverse product is free for teachers, who can quickly log in using an active Microsoft or Google account, enabling teachers and students to access Eduverse teaching tools.

Eduverse gives control of the classroom to the teacher, and to enter virtual learning spaces, a teacher must allow students to enter through a sign-in portal. Furthermore, the services will enable mentors to host one-on-one sessions, lead large-scale classroom projects, and promote independent learning.

The platform also supports full remote and hybrid learning situations with tools to help connect dispersed classrooms at all levels.

Via the Eduverse Expeditions add-on service, classrooms can also enjoy a range of educational virtual trips through a student’s fully animated avatar.

The firm also offers Avantis World, an educational VR theme park with various curriculum-relevant, immersive experiences via a subscription service starting at £99.


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