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5 Companies Educating in the Metaverse: Pt1

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This feature series explores the top web3 projects educating in the metaverse. We give insight into the companies using the metaverse for educational means. The five companies below are leaders in this regard.

Axon Park

Azon Park is a virtual platform where you can digitally build your own educational campus. The platform prides itself in bringing together students and educators online, removing barriers to education. Axon Park constructs these virtual campuses from the ground up, offering unrivaled immersive learning opportunities, unlike any other.

Furthermore, Axon Park enables you to make a quick buck off your virtual campus through passive income from course sign-ups. Axon park is one of the best education metaverses.

Axon Park logo
Credit: Axon Park


Immerse is a virtual language experience platform that uses virtual reality technology to teach English. The platform uses VR to teach language in an immersive way. Immerse offers its services to language providers such as language schools and universities. Immerse is recognized by leaders in the industry, such as ICEF and Pie News, and has become a leader in Immerse education.

Likewise, the team at Immersive are also leaders in the field, having been in the space since 2017 and made up of a vast range of talents. Overall, Immerse is one to look out for; the platform is trying to enhance the English language globally.

Immerse logo
Credit: Immerse


VRAcademi is a digital learning platform focusing on imparting VR development and creative design to young adults and children. The VRAcademi platform enables individuals to create VR experiences encompassing film making, 3D game development, art, and design.

Currently, VRAcademi has six accessible courses where you can learn how to make VR experiences from home. Sonal Ahuja, the company CEO, heads the project, with Sonal having over 25 years of experience in 3D design, creative art, planning, and creating XR technologies.

VRAcademi logo
Credit: VRAcademi


Gatherverse is not a digital virtual world but a real-life community of like-minded individuals who gather to talk about the metaverse. Gatherverse is a global ecosystem where communities gather to talk about the future of web3. It is an annual summit that assembles the world’s brightest minds to share ideas about building the metaverse.

As we all know, the metaverse and its terms can often be confusing. Gatherverse removes these barriers to learning by bringing together communities under a single educational umbrella.

GatherVerse is a company educating in the metaverse
Credit: Gatherverse

Inevitable Media

Inevitable Media is on a mission to onboard billions into the metaverse through learn to earn. Founded by Tiago Amaral and Kayna Oliveira, Inevitable Media offers educational content in intuitive blogs and courses through their Inevitable Academy, designed to educate you on the ins and outs of the metaverse. By completing one of these courses, you will get certified on NFTs and web 3. Inevitable Media is one of the prominent companies educating in the metaverse.

Inevitable Media is a company educating in the metaverse
Credit: Inevitable Media


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