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Immersive creation, metaverse… Jean-Michel Jarre heads a CNC commission

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The National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image has just enlisted Jean-Michel Jarre, appointed president of a commission which will have to promote immersive creation formats and the metaverse.

The CNC announces, this Wednesday, September 7, the creation of a commission called “Immersive Creation”. With a budget of 3.6 million euros, it will have to promote the emergence of creative and internationally oriented immersive works, and call on the cinema sector to invest in the metaverse. Dominique Boutonnat, boss of the CNC, thought of Jean-Michel Jarre to take the lead. And he accepted.

Contribute to the development of the immersive creation ecosystem

This new CNC fund replaces two systems that have disappeared (Fund for digital experiments and DICRéAM). The objective is to accelerate the structuring of this ecosystem of immersive creation, symbolized in particular by the virtual universe, the famous metaverse.

Immersive creation is a field of innovation that synthesizes the creative, technological and entrepreneurial challenges capable of projecting the entire French image industry into this new digital continent. It is also a real issue of sovereignty and international influence which we must fully grasp “, explains the president of the CNC.

The commission is officially made up of two colleges: one dedicated to writing and development issues, the other to the financing of production and distribution. It will have to support and promote internationally works with strong distribution potential. As such, the CNC has just launched a call for projects endowed with 400,000 euros, called “Portage et adaptation”. The latter will allow older immersive works to be brought up to date and adapted to newer technologies, to be more accessible. Virtual reality, mixed reality or XR (extended reality) are among the technologies mentioned. Successful projects will be announced this fall.

Jean-Michel Jarre, French virtual reality influencer

What about the choice of Jean-Michel Jarre? It is obviously far from being the result of chance. Indeed, the artist, pioneer of electronic music and forever famous for his giant concerts, is a kind of ambassador (not to say “influencer”) of French know-how in the field of immersive.

Driven by the pandemic confinements, Jean-Michel Jarre, a native of Lyon, concocted in 2020 a live in VR broadcast almost everywhere for the past two years, in particular for the New Year’s Eve, in the virtual environment of Notre-Dame de Paris. The concert was also rewarded with the prestigious Polestar Prize in the United States and the Social Music Award in France, for the most innovative live performance and the virtual live performance of the year.

Jean-Michel is a unique artist who has always been able to combine creation and innovation. We are proud to be able to rely on his vision and talent “, adds the president of the CNC. The National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image is also customary to do so. In 2014, it was already supporting immersive creation when the first virtual reality projects appeared.


Foto: © Lee Sainsbury/Shutterstock.com

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