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Delta Reality Opens NFT Sale of MoDaL Metaverse Platform

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The Croation XR developers have proposed an ownership sale of its digital gallery Metaverse worth thousands

Croatian extended reality (XR) developers Delta Reality recently listed its Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL) Metaverse platform as a single non-refundable token (NFT).

The starting bid for MoDaL currently sits at 8.88 ETH (roughly 31,591.22 USD) and the top bidder will own the entire MoDaL Metaverse platform.

MoDaL is a virtual reality (VR) digital gallery Metaverse for single or multi-user sessions where groups of attendees can enjoy a selection of immersive digital artworks and exhibitions.

The MoDaL digital museum stands out from similar experiences as Delta Reality has included 12 3D exhibitions ranging from static to animated models, and the platform can additionally host entire environments and experiences.

Darian Skarica, Delta Reality founder, said in a statement “the idea behind the museum was to explore the possibilities of digital creation,” to push the boundaries of technology and artistic expression.

Each sale of the MoDaL NFT will provide funds to contribute to the museum’s growth by adding new exhibitions and environments to develop the platform past its initial version.

The Croatian firm also pledged “to use the proceeds to add new environments and incorporate other NFT artwork into MoDaL,” adding,

That is also why we created it as an NFT [of MoDaL], to make sure it has life of its own and grows with every change of hands”

Behind MoDaL Version 1.0

MoDaL started in 2020 by a team of artists and engineers meeting through Delta Reality’s XR developer platform with a shared interest in combining technology and art to promote digital art.

Delta Reality sells MoDaL as a “intersection of art, technology, engineering and mathematics” that produces interactive digital exhibitions to highlight the massive potential of emerging digital artforms.

From developers to musicians, MoDaL connects participates from a variety of backgrounds to produce 2D and 3D exhibitions and explore themes of digital expression.

Visitors can also enjoy the Metaverse with a VR headset or webXR app, but Delta Reality aims to maintain visual quality with its cloud computing solution to stream MoDaL experiences directly to users.


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